Welcome to Kids Kampus!

Where our heart is....

We want to thank you for visiting our Kid's Kampus website! As you take a moment to become familar with our center, keep in mind that we would love to provide you with a hands on tour of our center and preschool. We might not be a new center anymore, but we have blossomed with age. What makes us one of "The Best of The Best"? Two long term directors (30 years of experience each!) who use the "team approach" to running a center. When the whole team uses their creativity and energy- we become a family.

Our directors and staff dress to get down on the kids level to play and interact. We have long term staff who have stayed in this business because they love kids! They go the extra mile by taking 10 hours of professional development classes each year. Each classroom meets once a week as a team to discuss developmental goals for the children and find solutions to problems. We include the whole team, that's what makes us different. They are all valued for their imagination.

Mission Statement :

OUR MISSION: To enrich the lives of children by building curiosity and to give professional quality care through listening and learning together! 

Children learn best in a safe and creative environment. Hands on learning activities are guided by a teacher who encourages them through positive interaction!

Kid's Kampus gears EVERYDAY towards fun and a passion for learning!


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